क्षणशः कणशश्चैव विद्यामर्थं च साधयेत् ।
क्षण त्यागे कुतो विद्या कणत्यागे कुतो धनम् ॥




Pronunciation :

kshanashah kanashashchaiv vidyamartham ch sadhyet.

kshan tyage kuto vidya kanatyage kuto dhanam.


Meaning  by words :

क्षणशः – moment by moment   ,   कण – particle/bit   ,   विद्याम् – knowledge

अर्थम् – money   ,   च – and   ,   साधयेत् – accomplish/achieve   ,   त्यागः – abandon/renounce

कुतः – from where


moment by moment and bit by bit; knowledge and money should be gained.

how can you gain knowledge by  wasting time, how can you gain money by wasting a bit (from resources).


Actual Meaning :

Knowledge should be gained at every moment and money should be gained by utilizing every little bit of resource. if you waste time how will you earn knowledge and if you waste bits of your resources it will be difficult to gather good amount of money.


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