Favours on lowly person



उपकारो हि नीचानां अपकरो हि जायते ।
पयःपानं भुजंगाणां केवलं विषवर्धनम् ॥





Pronunciation :

Upkaro hee nichanam apkaro hee jayate.

payahpanam bhujanganam kevalam vishavardhanam.


Meaning  by words :

उपकारो – favour   ,   नीच – lowly person   ,   अपकरो – negative favour

जायते – going to   ,   पयः – milk   ,   पानं – feeding   ,   भुजंग – snake

केवलं – only   ,   विष – poison  ,   वर्धनम् – increasing


Doing favour on lowly person goes as negative favour.

feeding milk to snake is only increasing poison.


Actual Meaning :

Doing favour on lowly and undeserving person is going to be bad favour or wastage of time. Writer gives an example that feeding milk to snakes always results in increase in their poison.


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